Owerri, Nigeria School Refurbish

Several members of Bronx Rotary are originally from Nigeria. One of them, Michael Anorue, visited Nigeria in 2004 and learned of the conditions under which the Local Authority School in Umunumo Village, a primary school near Owerri, was operating.

The situation was hazardous, with teachers trying to maintain an effective curriculum in a building that is windowless, roofless and completely open to the weather. Mr. Anorue returned to New York with a singular determination to help this school. He and his fellow Rotarians feel that education is an absolute requirement in the development of children into effective and productive citizens. At his own expense, Rotarian Anorue retained a consulting firm of architects and engineers to study the situation and, if feasible, to recommend renovations to weatherproof the school building and provide six elementary school classrooms and an office for a headmaster.

The estimated cost was approximately $32,500. Equipment and supplies are estimated at $10,000, bringing the total to $42,500. The Rotary Club of Owerri studied the report, agreeing that the work effort was necessary, and voted to oversee the project to ensure that the work was completed in an efficient manner. Working with and through local Rotarians, Bronx Rotary secured the needed funding.

The Rotary Club of the Bronx voted to adopt this proposal as its Centennial Year Project. This international education project was appropriate to Rotary’s mission to advance international cooperation and understanding.

A project report was received from Johnson Osoka Agwu, Project Chairman from the Rotary Club of Owerri. The new roof was completed and the Owerri school project moved into the second phase of construction. Monies were wired to provide for paint, supplies, lumber and accessories for movable bookcase/storage units. These will also serve as dividers for learning groups. Funding also was used to build latrines for the school.

Owerri, Nigeria School Refurbish
School before refurbish
The school before work began. The roof leaked, there was no separation of classroom spaces and no sanitary facilities.
Sign announcing the project
A sign is raised on-site in Nigeria announcing the joint project.
The roof trusses go in
New roof trusses go in place.
The finished roof
The finished new roof.