Nairaj pre-op
Nairaj Budnarine arrived from Guyana with his mother Pria in 2005. The 2 halves of his heart did not join properly which resulted in leakage. Dr. Sett joined the halves with dacron during the surgery at the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center.
Nairaj with his grandmother at Corpus Christi Monestery.
Nairaj is cuddled post-surgery by his grandmother. They stayed with hosts, Corpus Christi Monastery.
Nairaj growing and healthy

A letter of thanks from his mom.

Dear Mr.Romeo,

I am emailing you in connection with Nairaj Budnarine who had done corrective hearth surgery in September, 2005 through the Gift of Life Foundation- Bronx Rotary International.Nairaj is doing very well and is growing as anormal healthy child.Sometimes he would ask about the mark on his chest and we try to tell him, he dosen’t quite understand as yet.He is very brave and asks a lot of questions,he would talk about you and Dr. Sett sometimes Attached is a photograph of Nairaj for you to share with everyone.Mr. Romeo, we haven’t forgotton you nor all those wonderful people who contributed towards making Nairaj’s surgery a success and whose assistance through our most difficult times was most appreciated.

Please give special regards to Mr. Daniel Nalvin and Caroline.
You all are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Pria Budnarine