Get your ticket before June 29 for a win of up to $5,000!Super 50/50 raffle ticket 2021
Since we are not completely out of the woods yet with COVID-19, the Rotary Club of the Bronx will not be holding its annual President's Dinner as a big fundraising gala as usual. These raffle tickets are an alternate fund-raiser for us so that we can continue funding projects like the building of a spring water filtration system in Nairobi, grants to R.A.I.N., the Bronx YMCA, many Bronx food pantries and more, as we did this past year.
Only 100 tickets will be sold at $100 each. The winning ticket will receive half of whatever the pot is, with the potential of $5,000 if all tickets are sold. WAY BETTER ODDS THAN THE LOTTERY!