The Rotary Club of the Bronx occasionally hosts what we call a Stay-at-Home-Tea. The premise is this: Most fund-raising events occur in a restaurant/ event hall venue and require that each person attending puchase a ticket, most of the cost of which covers venue costs. Attendees almost always contribute additional funds at the event itself in various ways.

The Club sends out an invitation which encloses a teabag and invites you to stay home, get comfortable, enjoy the tea and write a donation check of any amount to the Bronx Rotary Foundation. You skip the hassle of yet another "rubber chicken dinner" and the Club gets to use 100% of your check for the cause instead of to pay event expenses. Win-win!

This year the Bronx Rotary Club is hosting a Stay-at-Home-Tea to benefit the Sister Servants of Mary Convent in the Bronx. The sisters selflessly offer end of life nursing care and family caregiver relief free of charge regardless of religious affiliation.

The good sisters have been contending with rains pouring in through the leaky roof of their convent on Country Club Road. They need about $1 million to repair the roof, cracked walls and failing masonry. They have raised about $600,000 since their fund-raising efforts started last year. Some repairs are already underway. Construction crews have put on a temporary roof, begun repairing a wall in the back of the convent and worked on the parapet. The sisters, however, are hoping to raise enough money for the needed repairs to the convent’s interior, which will include electrical work and extensive painting of its many cracked walls.

"A lot of people do not believe that we do not have any salary or income. But we trust in God," Sister Tran said, "God will provide."





Two Sister Servants of Mary visited our Club at the invitation of member Bea Castiglia-Catullo. President Sal Mastrocola is at right.