Ralph Scottino has been a member of the Bronx Rotary Club since 1996. He, along with partner Jack Epstein, own and operate Timpson Trading Corporation in the Bronx which specializes in scrap metal recycling.

Ralph and Jack, as of this posting, have been reluctant to provide bios, but by their actions have shown themselves to have hearts as big as their egos are small. Over the years they have always donated to the causes of Bronx Rotary in general and the Gift of Life in particular. In 2007, they were both so taken by little Amela Zadeja, the Gift of Life child from Albania, when they met her at the President's/Paul Harris Dinner, that they donated enough money to provide heart surgeries for two more children! You just gotta love these guys!



Jack Epstein, Ralph Scottino and his wife pose with Amela Zadeja at the President's/Paul Harris Dinner Dance in 2007.




Ralph Scottino


Gift of Life child Amela Zadeja and Jack Epstein.